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Certified Installer of LS Cable & System

Benefits of Structured Cabling

• Higher Return on Investment Higher Return on Investment. Structured Cabling lowers network maintenance costs and reduces the frequency in which cabling infrastructure upgrades needs to be performed.

• Network Reliability Delivers a resilient network that provides maximum uptime and high availability functionality for today’s demanding business needs.

• Network Scability Provides a robust infrastructure that efficiently supports the rising storage, retrieval, and maintenance electronic data.

• Smooth Transition Structured cabling systems can support any changes within the systems.

A reliable foundation for your network infrastructure
ICS provides cabling solutions for practically every area of the enterprise--from the building entrance to the top floor, to the data center, to boardrooms and conference rooms, to building management an security systems control rooms, and to each individual office or workstation.

Whether you are looking to upgrade an existing infrastructure or design a new one, ICS can create a versatile, expandable, cost-effective system to fit your company’s growing needs.

Our qualifified team will create a schematic of your current network infrastructure, as well as create a proposed solution so that you can see all the benefits available to make your company’s network more safe and secure.

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