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Greenlake Management Services 
HPE GreenLake Management Services includes all services to run, operate, and manage a customer IT environment (infrastructure to applications and workloads), in part or its entirety, whether on-premises, private, or public cloud. HPE GreenLake Management Services (GMS) are often called managed services and include services to monitor, operate, admin, and optimize an environment once designed and implemented by HPE and/or HPE validated third-party or multivendor environments.

  • HPE GMS includes previously named HPE Adaptive Management Services, HPE DC Operational Support Services (DC-OSS), and other previous HPE Pointnext Services managed services offerings.
  • HPE GMS services can be sold stand-alone, as part of HPE Datacenter Care, as part of HPE GreenLake, or as a logical extension to A&PS engagements.
  • HPE GMS services are built on ITIL best practices leveraging the power of platform, people, and processes for delivering world-class services with AI-driven insights and continuous improvement.


HPE GreenLake Management Services for SAP®

  • As an enhancement to the current HPE GreenLake Management Services (GMS) capability, HPE GMS for SAP extends the existing HPE GMS service and proposition to provide the ability to run and operate a customer’s SAP HANA® database and SAP Basis environments.
  • HPE remote delivery centers take care of day-to-day operations and administration, freeing up the customer to focus on new developments that add value to their business rather than using valuable resources to focus on underlying platform management.

    HPE GreenLake Management Services—Managed Security (GMS-MS)Managed Security provides customers with a managed security solution that delivers security expertise and experience; simplified processes and tools; and a holistic management solution that lowers cost and frees up staff.

    HPE GMS-MS enhances HPE GreenLake Management Services (GMS) by adding essential, enhanced, and related HPE managed security elements:

  • Essential managed security elements include security monitoring (SIEM) and security log sharing

  • Enhanced managed security elements include all of essential plus security transition management, vulnerability management, compliance management, advanced security metrics, account security plan, long-term security log retention, security officer, and, enhanced infrastructure controls

  • Related HPE security services includes HPE portfolio security services such as HPE Security Analysis and Roadmap Service, and HPE Vulnerability Management Service (penetration testing)

This offer aligns with HPE GreenLake Management Services (GMS) and is available for any HPE GMS customer worldwide

Service benefits:

  • Provide proactive identification and resolution of security threats in HPE managed customer environment
  • Reduce costs and brand impact associated with cybercrimes
  • Improve customer compliance posture
  • Free up customer staff to focus on business

Business value highlights:

  • 287%, 5-year ROI
  • 6 months to payback
  • 27% lower 3-year cost of operations
  • 35% more efficient IT infrastructure teams
  • 53% more physical servers per IT infrastructure server FTE
  • 50% faster to respond to potential security breaches
  • 85% less unplanned downtime