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Lenovo Services

Premier Support

Lenovo Premier Support provides VIP treatment to both IT staff and end-users, delivering advanced troubleshooting from elite technicians
who prioritize first-time fixes. Technical account managers act as a single point of contact for case management, offering consistency,
accountability, and visibility. With next-business-day repair service and prioritized parts access, Lenovo Premier Support helps increase
efficiency, reduce complexities, and minimize system downtime and productivity interruptions.

Warranty and Protection

Lenovo offers flexible warranty extensions to help businesses minimize unplanned maintenance and reduce OPEX, allowing them to achieve
cost efficiency, improved service levels, and end-user satisfaction. With in-region and local-language support, Lenovo’s warranty extensions
provide consistent service levels for multinational organizations, ensuring that they can minimize unplanned break/fix expenses.

Deployment Services

Maximize the benefits of your investment with Lenovo’s seamless physical installation services. Our team of experts can efficiently
handle the installation of your hardware, allowing you to quickly start utilizing it to its full potential.

Key Features:

With streamlined processes and optimized technologies, your team can devote more time and resources to other tasks.

Experience hassle-free and efficient installation.

Install and run the operations smoothly with our technicians’ expertise.

Pre-installation checklist allows you to avoid wasted time and unnecessary expenses.

Asset Recovery Services

Lenovo’s Asset Recovery Services (ARS) provides a comprehensive solution to mitigate environmental and data security risks associated
with end-of-life asset disposal. With certified asset disposition options, ARS assists in the development of a sustainable corporate
disposition strategy for technology hardware, while providing legal documentation and certificates for proper data destruction and
environmental processing. ARS can also help offset costs and simplify the transition to new technology.

Device as a Service (DaaS)

Lenovo Device as a Service (DaaS) can help businesses to manage their device lifecycle, freeing up employees to focus on their core
tasks. With an increasing need for leaner budgets and remot work, DaaS can provide a competitive edge, enabling businesses to remain
agile and thrive amidst change.

Infrastructure as a Service

 The rise of hybrid working is increasing the need for adaptable and expandable solutions. Simplifying data
center management and IT provisioning can provide the freedom to focus on growing your business.
Infrastructure as a Service offers a cloud-like experience with on-premises security for peace of mind,
allowing for the use of appropriate solutions from the pocket to the Edge.

Flexible & scalable

Create an IT infrastructure that stays ahead of competitors by adapting to changing business needs with the
unique pay -as- you go model.

Support & insight

Simplify your daily operations and help your tea accomplish more. With our global support and technical
proficiency, your business can rely on us.

Transparency & control

Eliminate over-provisioning with an authentic pay-as-you -use model. Our utilization and metering technology
allows real-time cost insights, enabling efficient and predictable budgeting with no unexpected expenses


Accelerate your digital transformation with our industry-leading partners. Unlock the benefits of hybrid and
multi-cloud environments, infinite storage,and high-performance computing (HPC)

TruScale Infinite Storage

Lenovo TruScale Infinite Storage offers an on-premises file, block, and object, as a Service solution that allows
businesses to maintain control of their data while Lenovo manages the infrastructure This solution includes
built-in technology refresh for a hassle-free experience.