The Challenges:

  • Unsecure printing and unclaimed jobs
  • Huge number of fleets to handle
  • Difficulty in replacing hardware due to frequent printer breakdowns
  • Servicing issues such as maintenance and printer jams
  • Availability of toners and inks
  • Usage and cost monitoring
  • Customer budget for outright purchase

What ICS Did:
ICS proposed the Managed Print Service solution, which delivers print environment optimization and management. It offers convenience of printing equipment that’s right for your environment, as well as ongoing support, maintenance and management.

The Solution:
ICS offered the following services:

  • Improvement of print security
  • Management of printer fleets
  • Services
  • On-Site Support
  • Remote Support
  • Warranty Support
  • Maintenance
  • Hardware Maintenance
  • Software Maintenance
  • Supply
  • Toner / Ink Supply
  • Parts
  • Printer components / LLC is provided
  • Costing Setup
  • Toner / Ink cost will be fixed under MPS contact
  • Print solution application for Job accounting/cost monitoring

The Outcome:

  1. The single contract arrangement eliminated the need for CAPEX.
  2. Man hours on printing services have been reduced, resulting to an effective management of IT support.
  3. Workload on buying consumables and bidding of imaging and printing devices have lessened.
  4. Single point of contact for printers, supplies and services helped streamline operations.
  5. Fleet is optimized.