Business Challenge:
The client is a pioneering business process outsourcing company in the Philippines, and  is in need of an efficient PACU system which will minimize downtime and footprint,  for its data center.

What ICS Did:
ICS positioned Liebert CRV4 of Vertiv, an air-cooled row-based Precision Air Conditioning Unit (PACU), providing high efficiency and availability. 


  • CRV4 Series Unit | 60kW Nominal Capacity | Bottom Piping | w/ Air Baffle | Air-Cooled | EC Plug Fan | 380-415V/3ph/60Hz+N | R-410A EC scroll compressor, single circuit | Electrode Humidifier | Global HMI 7"Display | Electric heating Std 1 Stage | G4 Filter with Clog Switch| Standard DX Air cooled coil EEV | Standard Color black orange peel grain coating EG7021 | SIC Card | For Overseas (Sea-Worthy)| Max Outdoor Ambient Temperature: 35 deg Celsius | Air cooled-long piping>30m | IRMS01T - Temperature Sensor | 3m IRMS01T Temperature Sensor Cable
  • Outdoor condenser (single circuit) for R410A air cooled system, operate in 318-400V/3ph60Hz
  • Electro - Mechanical Installation for 1 x 60KW CRV4 DX which includes:
  • General Requirements: Mob/Demob and as-built plan, transportation and delivery, restoration of affected areas, hauling and positioning of units, health protocols (swab testing)
  • Mechanical Installation: supply of 45 meters refrigerant pipes, humidifier line, condensate drain, rubber insulation, polyethylene tape, hanger and supports
  • Electrical Installation: Supply of Schneider ECB, THHN wires, IMC Pipe, liquid tight flexible and connector, consumable materials
  • Fabrication of steel door using square bar grill for fresh air penetration and Dismantling of existing metal door - Supply & Installation of Fresh Air Motor (Aerovent Brand) - Decommissioning of 1xAiredale existing PACU (indoor and outdoor)
  • Supply and installation of ACCU Gooseneck duct for the new Liebert PACU
  • Startup Service for 60kW CRV4 DX, 5x8 Normal Business Hour
  • One (1) Year Labor Warranty Business Hour with 4 maintenance visit, 5x8 Normal Business Hour
  • Project Management

The client was very satisfied with the overall outcome of the project deployment. ICS and Vertiv team were able to complete the implementation of the new 60kW InRow Cooling System providing improved air flow and thermal management within the Data Center.  A technical training and knowledge transfer was provided to ensure that the solution was utilized to its full capability.