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The Finance Department is responsible for the following functions: treasury, receivables mgt, disbursements and for closely monitoring financial transactions and the corporate books of accounts for ICS and its subsidiary, ICS ICT Support Services. It prepares financial reports for both companies.


HR is responsible for ensuring a positive organizational health through its management of the following systems: recruitment, compensation / benefits, performance monitoring, training & development, employee events & personnel policy administration. 


General Services Department (GSD) handles the maintenance, upkeep & security of all ICS facilities, purchasing and canvassing of office supplies, provision of rental vehicles to augment the fleet of company vehicles whose purchase, registration & insurance are also managed by GSD.


Responsible for sourcing for best value software products, order placement and delivery, negotiating credit lines with existing principals & new suppliers and coordinating shipment.   


The Distribution Department aims to provide customers with efficient and effective handling of equipment. It is responsible for quality checks of new equipment and delivery to clients.


Housed in Julia Vargas, Pasig, this department is responsible for the storage and inventory management of all sales products except those under CAC which has its own warehouse department.   

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