VMware Workspace One | Mobile Management & Security

A digital platform that delivers and manages any app on any device by integrating access control, application management, and unified endpoint management. The platform allows IT to deliver a digital workspace that includes the devices and apps of the business's choice, without sacrificing the security and control that IT professionals need.

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Consumer-simple app authentication
With Workspace ONE, end-users can get password-less single sign-on to a catalog that provides them access to virtually any app. This includes mobile apps, web apps, cloud apps, and Windows apps. Once signed-in, end-users can self-service select the applications they need to be productive with no IT intervention. As an IT professional, you control the back-end workflow to provide an excellent user experience that doesn’t sacrifice security.

Unified Endpoint Management options
Workspace ONE doesn’t dictate which platforms to deploy in your environment. Our goal is to support any device - even devices that have not yet been invented. From desktop OS’s to mobile OS’s, even wearables, and 3D graphics workstations, we work with it. Beyond that, we also know that while some devices are corporate-owned and require IT management throughout their lifecycle, many will be owned by the employees themselves. Workspace ONE puts the choice in employees’ hands for the level of convenience, access, security, and management that makes sense for their work style.

Conditional access
To protect the most sensitive information, Workspace ONE enforces access decisions based on device compliance and identity context. Using our powerful policy engine, you can mix and match inputs to make dynamic decisions on the level of access end-users get.

Automated app management
Workspace ONE allows IT professionals to automate application distribution and updates on the fly. Whether you’re deploying Windows apps or mobile apps, we automate the application delivery process to allow better security and compliance. With Workspace ONE you can deploy Windows apps to Windows 10 devices in your organization or up-to-date apps to mobile devices, from a single platform that keeps you covered every step of the way.