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The number of security breaches continues to rise. According to a recent survey from the VMware Carbon Black team, 92 percent of respondents reported an increase in cyberattacks in the previous 12 months, with 84 percent reporting that attacks were becoming more sophisticated. Organizations often attempt to address these breaches by adding more layers of protection. Many of these security solutions focus on identifying and reacting to a specific type of attack. But implementing more solutions increases management complexity.

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Built in
You can strengthen security by leveraging the virtualisation layer of your infrastructure. This layer is in the ideal place to provide deep visibility into apps and data. And it can’t be compromised easily from within an app or operating system process.

Context aware 
Security solutions are most effective when they are informed by the context of what they’re trying to protect. Beyond identifying specific threats, these solutions must have visibility into apps and workloads. And they must understand what those apps and workloads are supposed to be doing. Intrinsic security gives them that visibility and the context that should be the basis of security policies implemented across environments.

Intrinsic security supports integrated workflows. The right tools can help you avoid siloed processes and eliminate the seams between products. They also facilitate collaboration and information sharing among previously siloed teams.