VMware Aria

(formerly vRealize Cloud Management and CloudHealth by VMware Suite) Unify applications, infrastructure, and services across private, hybrid and public clouds in a single cloud management platform with a common data model.

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Key Features:

  • VMware Aria UI uses machine learning to analyze the interactions of cloud providers and consumers with applications, learning their needs and providing insights.
  • Business insights for curated use cases help identify and guide users through identifying and resolving  problems that affect their applications in any cloud.
  • Search capability across all VMware Aria services provides access to all relevant information in a single UI.
  • In-context switching to VMware Aria services allows for deeper investigation and analysis.
  • A unified configuration and change history allows users to view what has changed, rewind to the point of change and reassemble snapshots of topologies.
  • Get self-service cloud consumption with day-2 automation, application discovery.