RSA Omnichannel Fraud Prevention

The RSA Fraud & Risk Intelligence Suite provides companies with a portfolio of sophisticated fraud detection and prevention capabilities designed to protect consumers from financial fraud threats across channels.

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Stop Fraud — Not Customers
Protect customers from advanced cybercrime threats on the web and via mobile channels with industry-leading fraud prevention solutions from RSA. And do it without fraud protection getting in the way of frictionless customer transactions.

The Growing Need for Digital Fraud Prevention
As digital channels for commerce grow, so does the opportunity for fraud to thrive. Mobile, social and the Internet of Things (IoT) are all moving to the forefront of digital transactions, and cybercriminals are reliably one step ahead. They’re expanding operations to social media platforms, hosting cybercrime websites on the blockchain and launching attacks from IoT devices. And they’re finding ways to exploit vulnerabilities in innovations like open APIs and faster payments. To outpace them, organizations need fraud prevention solutions that extend to mobile and the cloud, incorporate threat intelligence and bring sophisticated analytics to bear on the effort to stop fraud.