Poly Video Conferencing Solutions for Microsoft Teams

Poly’s Microsoft Teams video collaboration solutions offer unmatched choices for a range of needs. The native Microsoft Teams solutions include Microsoft Teams Rooms devices, personal USB peripheral solutions, and video interop solutions for legacy devices.

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Used on either Windows or Android, these solutions deliver the familiar Teams interface, combined with powerful Poly audio and video technologies.

Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android

Radically simple Microsoft Teams video meetings in all-in-one video bar form factors

  • Focus, Small and Medium- Poly Studio X30 with TC8
  • Large- Poly G7500 with TC8 and Eagle Eye 4

Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows

Available in focus, small, medium, and large configurations, each of these all-in-one systems comes fully equipped with a Poly conference camera with Poly MeetingAI technologies, a collaboration PC with a PC mount kit, and an easy touch controller.

  • Focus- Poly Focus Room Kit + Poly Room PC for Microsoft Teams Rooms (Dell/Lenovo)
  • Small/Medium- Poly Small-Medium Room Kit + Poly Room PC for Microsoft Teams Rooms (Dell/Lenovo)
  • Large- Poly Large Room Kit + Poly Room PC for Microsoft Teams Rooms (Dell/Lenovo)

Poly Studio P Series

Make the most of video calls from wherever work happens. High-performance cameras compensate for lighting imbalances. Premium audio eliminates distractions.

Poly Studio P21- Single device includes display, camera, microphone, speakers and lighting


Poly Studio P15- Exceptional optics and audio in a compact personal video bar


Poly Studio P5- high-quality camera optics and low-light compensation in a professional webcam