ICS Cloud powered by Virtalus

When it comes to growing your enterprise, the question is no longer “to cloud or not to cloud”? You’d now want to ask ‘which technologies work best for my business? and ‘how and where do I start?’ ICS puts together sophisticated yet simplified cloud offerings for small and medium-sized businesses. Drive business efficiency, productivity and collaboration with our solutions.

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HyperCX Bento is designed to enhance the performance of deployed application workloads, resulting in increased usability and improved efficiency. The fully-redundant design of HyperCX Bento enables high availability, ensuring a highly resilient infrastructure that operates at a high-grade level.

HYPERCX Disaster Recovery

Virtalus provides a cost-effective and reliable disaster recovery solution with HyperCX. This cloud-based solution operates on dependable shared infrastructure across multiple locations worldwide, ensuring all critical data and services are backed up with fast recovery times in case of a disaster.

HYPERCX Network Functions and Virtualization

HyperCX NFV simplifies VNF provision for users of the HyperCX cloud. It doesn’t compete with advanced
carrier-grade NFV architectures like MANO or have extensive features like software firewalls such as PfSense. Instead, it prioritizes ease of use and simplicity, while ensuring good performance for small and medium cloud deployments.