ICS Backup Technology | Hybrid Cloud Solutions

With hybrid work setup becoming the norm, backup technology is crucial to keeping your company going. It is designed not only for backup and archiving, but also for disaster recovery, and ultimately, business continuity.

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Here are the ways backup technology has your back:

  • Data Protections and Remote Support
    Unlike local backup tools such as external drives, backup software an systems ensure data security, enabling efficient distributed work and learning setups.
  • SaaS Backup
    As companies become increasingly reliant on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, protecting these apps using backup tools lets organizations maximize SaaS solutions.
  • Centralized Backup Management
    This allows IT teams to access and protect critical assets, wherever they are.
  • Easy User Access Management Through Cloud
    With more bandwidth and security, cloud backup allows organizations to easily control their user lineup while staying protected.
  • Ransomware Detection
    Given the rise of sophisticated ransomware, newly-developed backup technologies with enhanced ransomware detection features help you prevent cyber attacks at the onset.