Huawei WLAN

Huawei lightning-fast speeds, always-on mobility, and continuous self-organizing networking.

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Why Huawei WLAN?

High Density 

Triple-radio technology and small-angle antennas provide comprehensive Wi-Fi coverage, even in high-density environments such as stadiums and hotels. Antennas are built-in, simplifying installation.

IoT Convergence 

Multiple loT-converged Access Points (APs) implement integrated deployment and centralized management for Wi-Fi and IoT networks, reducing construction costs and simplifying O&M.

Smart Antennas 

Industry-leading Smart Antenna technology reduces signal interference between APs, increases Wi-Fi network system capacity, and improves the user experience.

AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 Series At-A-Glance

Lightning-Fast Speeds 

Only AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 features Smart Antenna technologies, with 16 antennas delivering 10 Gbit/s and beyond, making bandwidth-hungry applications such as 4K and Virtual Reality (VR) achievable.

Always-on Mobility

Unique to Huawei AirEngine
Wi-Fi 6, smart radio algorithms ensure uninterrupted, lossless mobility for mission-critical services in all scenarios, effectively achieving service reliability.

Continuous Self-Organizing Networking

With Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered Operations and Maintenance (O&M), AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 delivers a stable, baseline 100 Mbit/s experience anytime, anywhere.

Indoor Access Points

  • AirEngine 8760-X1-PRO Access Point
  • Air Engine 6700 Series
  • Air Engine 5700 Series
  • AP7000 Series
  • AP6000 Series
  • AP5000 Series
  • AP4000 Series
  • AP2000 Series

Outdoor Access Points

  • AirEngine 5761R-11 & AirEngine 5761R-11E Access Points
  • AirEngine 8700R Series
  • AirEngine 6700R Series
  • AP8000 Series

Agile Distributed Access Points

  • AirEngine 9700D-M Central Access Point
  • AD9431DN-24x Central Access Point
  • R250D Remote Units
  • R251D & R251D-E Remote Units

Rail Transport Access Points 

AirEngine 6760-51 El Access Point

A next generation indoor Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) AP purpose-designed for rail transportation, supporting four spatial streams and a maximum rate of 4.8 Gbit/s. The AP complies with EN50155 vehicle-mounted electronic equipment standards and supports rapid link handover, meeting the stringent requirements for train-to-ground backhaul network deployments.

Access Controllers

AirEngine 9700-M1 Access Controller 

A high-performance wireless AC designed for medium- to large-sized enterprise campuses, enterprise branches, and school campuses, AirEngine 9700-MI can manage up to 2048 APs, providing up to 120 Gbit/s forwarding performance

AirEngine 9700 Series 

AirEngine 9700-M Access Controller

AC6000 Series 

  • AC6800V Access Controller 
  • AC6805 Access Controller 
  • AC6508 Access Controller

Wireless Access Controller Cards/Unit

  • Native Wireless Access Controller Cards 
  • ACU2 Wireless Access Controller Unit