Huawei SmartLi UPS | Power & Cooling

Huawei has integrated electronic and intelligent digital technologies to create the SmartLi UPS solution. Combining Huawei’s Li-ion battery technology with a unique modular design, SmartLi UPS reinvents the power supply system for next generation data centers.

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Quicker ROI
Huawei digitalizes data center infrastructure to deliver agile,reliable, energy-efficient, and smart products and solutions that accelerate the Return On Investment (ROI) for your business.

Products Tailored for Any Business
With an extensive range of products designed to create energy-efficient infrastructure, including Uninterruptible Powers Supplies (UPSs), precision air conditioners, and a powerful management system, Huawei can meet your business needs from branch to HQ data centers, in indoor or outdoor settings.

Proven Global Success
Huawei is a market leader with more than 830 data centers deployed worldwide, covering
sectors from telecom and ISP to government, finance, transportation, and everything in between. With Huawei, your
data center infrastructure is in safe hands.