Dell Rackspace

Powering an enterprise that runs on data In providing hosted cloud services on a global scale, Rackspace deals with numerous customer requirements. Access to data is the number one priority. This requires storage resources that ensure outstanding performance, very low latency and high quality with absolute dependability—24x7—acros both hardware and application layers.

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  • Powermax - PowerMax’s high performance allows Rackspace to keep its applications running well.
  • Isilon - With Isilon, Rackspace can store up to 70PB of data.
  • Unity - Unity has built-in native replication, simplifying backups for Rackspace.
  • CloudIQ - CloudID provides Rackspace valuable insight into the health of the company’s systems.
  • Residency Services - Rackspace turns to Residency Services for help with day-today operational management.