Boomi is a business unit acquired by Dell in 2010 that specializes in integration platform as a service (iPAAS), API Management, Master Data Hub, Flow, B2B Management, and Data Catalog & Preparation.

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Boomi AtomSphere is an on-demand multi-tenant cloud integration platform for connecting cloud and on-premises applications and data. The platform enables customers to design cloud-based integration processes called Atoms and transfer data between cloud and on-premises applications.


Integrate any applications and data across your hybrid IT with speed and ease

Master Data Hub
Synchronize and enrich trusted data across your enterprise.

B2B and EDI Management
Transform the way you do business with your trading partner network.

API Management
Design, secure and scale APIs.

Data Catalog and Preparation
Discover, prepare, and catalog actionable data with the Boomi + Unifi Software solution.

Workflow automation and app development to build customer journeys with low-code  development.