Aruba Contact Tracing Solutions

The wireless LAN has quickly become the primary way users and devices connect today. As corporate applications move to the Internet and cloud, Aruba APs deliver simple, fast, and secure access anywhere.

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Here’s how Aruba Contact Tracing works.

Aruba APs listen 
As users move through the workplace, Aruba APs listen for users, Wi-Fi devices, or Bluetooth tags.

Data is analyzed 
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) location data is taken in and analyzed, then displayed in a cloud-based dashboard.

Someone is sick and contacts are traced 
Once HR is notified that someone is sick, they can easily sort contacts by the total contact minutes with each person.

Locations are traced
Locations can be traced with dwell times at each AP pinpointing the exact locations for the sick person. Heat mapping can also help identify hot spots where people congregate, helping to optimize space usage and cleaning schedules.