Aruba Airwave

Benefit from a wide array of connectivity features with the Aruba AirWave. A versatile network management system (NMS) for enterprise campus wired, wireless, and remote connectivity, Aruba Airwave supports features such as zero-touch provisioning, enhanced client visibility, traffic analysis, reporting and multivendor integration, and is designed to manage Aruba and third-party network devices. Deployed as a purpose-built hardware or virtual machine image, each AirWave server supports up to 4,000 network devices (access points, switches, and controllers).

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Key features include:

  • Streamlined configuration and deployment- configuration groups, assigned templates, and step by step workflows, simplify device configuration
  • Contact and location tracing- Wi-Fi location data from AirWave can be exported, analyzed, and displayed using Aruba Central or a third-party data analysis tool
  • Real-time visibility and control-provides real-time insights to network health, application usage and policy enforcement, and UCC analytics
  • Comprehensive management and troubleshooting- enables multiple combinations of access and management rights to be assigned as needed