APC EcoStruxure Micro Data Center

EcoStruxure Micro Data Center solutions offer pre-integrated enclosed rack systems with power, cooling, security, and monitoring. This enables a fast and simple deployment of edge computing infrastructure in any environment, addressing challenges in moving IT to the factory floor and enabling IIoT applications.

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C-Series Models

Made for commercial environments, like offices, retail, education, healthcare facilities. C-Series includes the same capabilities as S-Series with additional features such as fan ventilation, air filtration and soundproofing. Contained for semi-controlles environments where protection from dust, climate and security threat is essential.

S-Series Models

Perforated for controlled environments where security and climate are tightly regulated. Made for server rooms or network closets, the S-Series is highly customizable and easy to configure with hardware, software and services including validation of third party IT equipment with all the largest vendors.

R-Series Models

Made for harsh environments, such as warehouses and manufacturing floors, the R-Series includes sealed enclosures and additional features like active cooling, enhanced filtration and security. Sealed for uncontrolled environments where protection from dust, moisture, climate and security threats is critical.