Altos Brainsphere Workstation

Altos BrainSphere TMP15 F7 PC workstation has a comprehensive processor which greatly improves data storage and processing performance; at the same time, customers can choose to carry Altos Smart Server Manager (ASSM) which is a system management software, to meet the needs of the system for remote control and monitor requirement. Highly recommended for corporate users in the financial industry, securities industry, manufacturing, large medical institutions, as well as government departments and education.

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Support High Performance Storage
Powered by PCI-E 4.0 M.2 SSD, the transmission bandwidth is double that of the previous generation and experiences lightning-fast data transmission speed.

Security and Performance
Altos BrainSphere™ P15 F7 plays a leading role in PC workstations, with 3rd Generation AMD Ryzen™ processors for ultimate performance. It makes PCI-E 4.0 compatible with NVIDIA® 3000 series and Quadro® GPU for anyone with higher performance, bandwidth and speed.

Superior Flexibility
Support the Error-Correcting Code is a method of detecting and correcting single-bit memory errors. It’s mission-critical to minimize errors in data, especially for the server business and data centers.