Acer Vero

The TravelMate Vero is an eco-friendly business laptop designed for both in-office and remote work, offering powerful processing, security, and manageability without sacrificing performance or features. It is made from recycled materials.

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For Planet Earth

By adopting recycled plastic in the creation of Aspire Vero, we are demonstrating our commitment to reducing carbon emissions. This year, we have increased our reduction of CO2 emissions from 21% to 30%1, in our quest for a greater positive impact on the environment.

Less is More
To reduce e-waste, we’ve lowered the amount of printed circuit board material used in Aspire Vero—for a 52% reduction in PCB surface area.

30+ Tons (and Counting)
Of waste has been prevented from potentially ending up in landfills thanks to Aspire Vero4—that’s like saving 96,000 water cooler jugs.