How Cloud Can Work for You

Companies left and right are adopting or considering integrating cloud technology. If you haven’t yet, should you do the same? 

What’s in it for you, and when is the right time to get your business into the cloud?

Here are 7 questions, and answers, to help you decide:

  1. Is your on-premises solution outdated and ready for an update?  If yes, 
    You may want to turn your update into an upgrade by investing in cloud. Instead of paying extended support or purchasing new hardware, investing in cloud may save you time and money. Don’t wait for your server to sign off on you; get started with the cloud and keep your business running every time.
  2. Do you have a lean IT team? If yes, 
    Outsourcing services may be a viable option to minimize the need for training and optimize the skills and expertise of your limited manpower. Outsourcing tasks like server management and the migration of your whole IT environment to a cloud provider lets you focus on what your business needs the most. 
  3. Do you need to spin up new environments quickly? If yes, 
    Cloud lets you do exactly that.  Testing and development processes are made easy, as environments can be spun up and torn down, fast. Cloud can also support your production environment, making it an ideal partner  in meeting this business need. 
  4. Do you need a backup or DR solution in place? If yes, 
    You need a secure and easy to deploy option. Cloud delivers both security and ease of deployability, allowing you to quickly put business critical solutions in place, prevent catastrophic data loss and more, while staying compliant to best practices. 
  5. Do you have financial concerns in implementing on-premises solutions? If yes, 
    The cloud is a great alternative to on-premises infrastructure, providing value for money and subscription-based billing. 
  6. Do you need more storage? If yes, 
    Now is a great time to consider investing in cloud storage. While you may choose to upgrade your existing servers or add new ones, the cloud makes for a perfect alternative as it provides unlimited storage and is flexible, letting you pay only for what you need. 
  7. Do you want to support your hybrid workforce? If yes, 

    You may start by integrating cloud services to facilitate this. When you store your data in the cloud, employees can access their files from anywhere — preserving productivity without compromising security. Enable your team to blend office and remote work seamlessly. 

    If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, now is the best time to consider integrating cloud solutions that address your business challenges.

    Need help with your cloud adoption? Don’t hesitate to reach out at info@ics.com.ph.