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Advance Threat Protection

The Blue Coat Security Platform integrates sophisticated technologies to deliver protection against the full spectrum of security threats. This Advanced Threat Protection capability safeguards your organization from advanced persistent threats, detects sophisticated malware, and automates the containment and resolution of incidents that have occurred. It does so as the network perimeter expands, the migration to cloud infrastructure grows, encrypted traffic becomes ubiquitous, and the endpoint evolves at a revolutionary pace. Blue Coat makes it possible for day-to-day security operations and advanced security teams to work together to protect and empower the business.

Today’s threat landscape is populated by increasingly sophisticated intrusions that take the form of advanced persistent threats, targeted attacks, sophisticated malware and zero-day threats. Enterprises are experiencing material security breaches as a result of these attacks, because advanced security operations teams—as well as the defenses they deploy—operate in silos with no ability to orchestrate security across the entire organization or environment.

Blue Coat Advanced Threat Protection: Simplifying Sophisticated Security Challenges

Blue Coat Advanced Threat Protection provides an environment that enables your organization to:

  • Proactively prevent and detect against sophisticated threats

  • Integrate advanced security technologies from across the industry

  • Manage a unified security policy across the enterprise as well as the cloud

  • Incorporate advanced incident response and forensic intelligence functions

Analyze and Stop Advanced Threats

Malware authors leverage a variety of techniques and technologies to exploit network environments and circumvent traditional security controls. Blue Coat Advanced Threat Protection provides integrated malware sandboxing and analysis, whitelisting, blacklisting and static code analysis to ensure that those sophisticated behaviors and techniques can be identified and prevented. Further, it delivers integration architecture to bring third-party security technologies into the mix as well. Most importantly, as opposed to the countless security technologies in the industry that can only be implemented passively, these technologies can then be leveraged in-line for real-time inspection when attached to the Blue Coat Secure Web Gateway.

Utilize Incident Response and Forensics Techniques

Blue Coat Advanced Threat Protection further takes advantage of Blue Coat Security Analytics (forensic network recording), delivering the industry’s most advanced incident response and network forensics technology to uncover post-breach activity. Forensic recordings are made of all traffic and are continually and automatically analyzed by advanced security technologies in an effort to uncover any threats that may have slipped through. This helps reduce the time it takes to detect, determine scope and ultimately respond to security incidents. When threats are discovered in the forensic recording, deep analysis is performed on any captured threats, indicators and impact are highlighted to the security operations team,and any newly found threat indicators are automatically fed back into the security environment.

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Packet Shaper

WAN Optimization – PacketShaper

Does your network know the difference between important cloud application traffic like Office 365 and, and lower-priority traffic like YouTube or Facebook? Do you have the tools necessary to ensure critical application performance and superior user experience while containing the impact of recreational traffic and eliminating unnecessary bandwidth costs?

In a world that is increasingly more interactive, mobile, and content-driven, Blue Coat PacketShaper helps enterprises to optimize WAN and Internet performance, deliver a superior user experience and control unnecessary bandwidth cost increases.

  • Reserve bandwidth for critical and real-time applications

  • Contain disruptive and recreational traffic while reclaiming bandwidth from non-business usage

  • Support cloud adoption and embrace new trends such as BYOD, video and social media

  • Eliminate unnecessary bandwidth increases and save on operating cost

PacketShaper offers highly-scalable platforms for all your specific business needs. With throughput capacity ranging from 10Mbps to 10Gbps, the PacketShaper S-Series appliances are designed to deliver the scalability and performance for today’s demanding enterprise network environment.

Empowered by an on-board database and a cloud-connected real-time classification engine, the PacketShaper supports auto-discovery and categorization of 900+ applications and tens of millions of URLs and web applications. You will also benefit from the PacketShaper’s real-time monitoring and reporting capability for application performance and bandwidth efficiency to ensure your network and applications are always running at their optimal performance possible.

Get enterprise-wide application intelligence. Learn more about Blue Coat IntelligenceCenter.

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