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Integrated Data Protection Appliance

Dell EMC Integrated Data Protection Appliances (IDPAs) deliver all-in-one data protection that accelerates time to value, eliminates silos and enables faster flash-powered data access/recovery. It’s an efficient and cost-effective way to help your customers protect, grow and transform their businesses.

  • Easy, efficient data protection with low total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Accelerated time to value and high performance
  • Coverage can seamlessly extend to the cloud, with native cloud-tiering for long-term retention to private or public cloud



Simply Powerful Data Protection

The perfect mix of power and simplicity for mid-size organizations, at the lowest cost-to-protect. The DP4400 is a converged 2U appliance that offers backup, deduplication, replication, recovery, and cloud readiness.

Key features:

  • Comprehensive and complete data protection for the largest application ecosystem
  • Customer-installable/upgradable 2U appliance; can grow-in-place (24-96TB) with no additional hardware
  • High performance: Up to 2x shorter backups, avg. dedup ratio of 55:1, up to 98% less bandwidth
  • Expand to the cloud with native cloud DR and long-term retention add-on capabilities

Simple to manage, deploy, upgrade and grow

Customer installable/upgradable 2U appliance that can grow in place from 24-96 TB with no additional HW. Simplified management with IDPA System Manager.

Powerful app ecosystem, performance & cloud

Supports largest application ecosystem. High performance with up to 2x faster backups and 55:1 avg dedupe. Efficient Cloud DR and long-term retention.

At the lowest cost-to-protect

Protects up to 4x more data in one 2U and costs up to 80% less to protect. 3-year satisfaction and up to 55:1 data protection deduplication guarantees.

Investment protection – with no hidden costs.

Dell EMC Integrated Data Protection Appliances—powered by Intel® Xeon® processors—are part of our Future-Proof Loyalty Program giving you additional peace of mind with guaranteed satisfaction and investment protection for future technology changes.


The Future-Proof program consists of 9 offers:

3-year Satisfaction Guarantee.
The product will do what we say it will do.
Hardware Investment Protection.
Your hardware will keep its value, from purchase through upgrade.
Predictable Support Pricing.
Clear and predictable prepaid and renewal support pricing.
Storage Data Reduction Guarantee.
The best storage data reduction for your workload.
Never-Worry Data Migrations.
It’s simple to move to the next generation.
All-Inclusive Software.
You get a functional, useable system with a single purchase.
Up to 55:1 Data Protection Deduplication Guarantee.
Data reduction for data protection appliances.
Cloud Consumption.
Flexible On-Demand payment options for IT infrastructure.
Cloud Enabled.
Cloud Mobility, Services, Protection and Management for IT infrastructure products.

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