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Computer Peripherals

A4TECH Computer Peripherals

A4TECH® is now recognized as a global leader under own-brand in the computer peripheral field. With an excellent R&D team, independent core techniques, A4TECH® continues to research and develop cutting-edge products for the consumer market as the discipline that it turns yesterday’s fiction into today’s reality.

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Genius Peripherals & Accessories

Focused on quality, convenience and ease to use, Genius designs computer mice, keyboards, touch pens, headsets, speaker, webcams, and gaming devices to provide people with better user experience and with the best value for money peripherals in the mobile, living and business environments.

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Logitech Computer Accessories

Focused on innovation and quality, Logitech designs personal peripherals to help people enjoy a better experience with the digital world. They study how customers use their digital devices, and then their designers and engineers set their sights on how they can create a better experience with those devices – richer, more comfortable, more fun, more productive, more convenient, more delightful.

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Communication and Collaboration Solutions with TWICE the POWER

Polycom and Plantronics unite as Poly. The new Poly aims to provide an upgraded range of simple, highly functional, and effective conferencing solutions that make the workspace conducive to collaboration, by minimizing distractions and providing powerful audio and video conferencing technology . As one company with the power of two, experience solutions with twice the power and efficiency.

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Jabra Computer Peripherals

The key to productive, happy workers

On any given day,office workers will likely handle multiple calls
with customers and colleagues. In between those calls, they’ll often
want to tune out their surroundings and get some focused work done.
A good office headset can help them achieve both of those things.

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Archiving & Storage


Since 1987, Kingston has been known for the highest quality memory products available. They recognize the important role memory plays in computing productivity and take the necessary steps to guarantee a reliable memory product. Kingston is dedicated to exceeding the industry standard when it comes to detail, product quality, and product reliability.

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Device Accessories

Kensington Computer Peripherals

The Professionals’ Choice

Kensington products empower people to be more productive and create content at the highest levels. In both desktop and mobile environments, Kensington’s extensive lineup of award-winning products provides trusted security, desktop productivity innovations, and ergonomic well-being.

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Targus Cases and Accesories

Targus Group Internationals, Inc. pioneered the notebook carrying case category 30 years ago, partnering with corporations, retailers and OEMs to provide the best possible protection for notebook PCs. Today, Targus continues to define and shape the mobile accessory category with products that enhances user’s connectivity, secuirty and personal style, liberating them to use their devices with the utmost convenience, confidence and comfort.

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