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Investment Solutions for HPE Hyper Converged 380



Many business leaders feel their organizations are too slow to exploit technology-enabled opportunities. More than three-fourths of business leaders agree that quick delivery by IT is important for success to launch new products and services, respond to new competitors, and comply with ever-changing regulations.1 Despite strong adoption of off-premises cloud services, organizations are increasingly looking to transform to a hybrid infrastructure to get faster, more agile, and responsive. Equally important, organizations are looking for new ways to acquire and pay for hybrid infrastructure that supports their goals for speed and agility without sacrificing other important needs and goals.


The HPE Hyper Converged 380 (HC380) provides an entire virtual datacenter in a box that breaks down the silos of traditional compute, storage and networked infrastructure. The HPE HC380 empowers IT generalists to automate several specialist tasks and quickly deploy virtual machines with the simplicity of a “vending machine” whenever and wherever needed—five clicks to provision new virtual machines, fifteen minutes to add capacity, thirty minutes to restore a system. And data mobility and accessibility is provided across multiple systems, locations and the cloud.


Investment solutions from HPE Financial Services for the HPE HC380 provide options to make monthly payments based on a price per VM per month structure and to pay as you deploy and scale. Transform to a hyper-converged infrastructure with the right mix of IT innovation and investment flexibility. Establish control over your IT investments from the start and maintain control as business needs change.


Per VM per month model

• Acquire the HPE HC380 now for a monthly payment based on a predictable price per VM

• Avoid a large cash outlay and keep your IT priorities on track

• Align your investment to your use and avoid over investing

• Employ a payment model that helps you compare to cloud alternatives

• More easily refresh and upgrade to the latest technology at the end of your term


Pay as you scale and deploy

Prepare for growth by acquiring up to 12 months of HPE HC380 capacity in advance of your need. Have it on-hand, configured and ready for use when you need it. Pay as you scale and activate nodes. Maintain your ability to respond quickly and avoid long procurement cycles.


How does it work?

• Order in advance your present and future compute and storage capacity

requirements—up to 16 HC380 nodes

• Select a roll-out term of up to 12 months,

• Begin payments once a node is activated (payments can extend beyond 12 month term)

• Option to order more nodes at any time


HPE Pay as you deploy sample scenario


• A fixed price-per-node/per month

• You have the option of ‘deploying/activating’ nodes when you need them

• Each quarter, you’ll notify us of the number of nodes activated

• Warranty and Support Service agreement start aligned to equipment activation dates


The right IT consumption model for you

We can help you choose an IT investment solution that supports your transformation goals and

helps you to align your payments with your consumption of IT.

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