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Every new visitor to your website is a potential customer. Wouldn’t you like better ways of connecting with them?


Digital marketing has become the dominant method for most organizations to connect with their customers, but many companies still struggle with doing it effectively. Progress Sitefinity provides tools that enable your marketing team to make your website a powerful and efficient marketing solution, without requiring help from your IT department or web developers.

In this video:

  • Persona Profiling: Assign visitors to personas even when they are anonymously browsing your website
  • Personalize Content: Automatically personalize content based upon personas to provide visitors with relevant information
  • Lead Scoring and Management: Assign scoring for each type of activity a site visitor may take
  • Know What’s Happening: View dashboards of how visitors are really interacting with your site
  • Notify Sales of Hot Leads: Automatically email sales reps a complete activity history when potential clients show buying signs, to drive better conversations




Integrated Computer Systems, Inc, known as ICS, is a certified partner of Progress in the Philippines. ICS is an esteemed IT Reseller company which started in the late 70’s, and has been known for partnering with premium and global IT brands and for providing only the best quality technologies and systems. Through the years, ICS has established professionalism and reliability, which resulted to good business relationships with several large enterprises, as well as start-up and small to medium sized businesses across varied industries in the country.

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