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Discover the dynamic contributions of Office 365 as a plug-in to a website to increase efficiency. Office 365 defines specific tasks for transactions and documentations to create a clearer guide for website users. Office 365 also works as a plug-in for Moodle—an educational platform—thus revolutionizing teaching and learning through the worldwide web.

Moodle Made Stronger with Office 365

Office 365 goes beyond its business features, as it serves learning and teaching tools through its partnership with Moodle—a learning platform that offers educators, administrators, and learners an integrated system to produce online learning environments.

Office 365 creates an easier experience for teachers and students by allowing its users to sign in to Moodle using the same ID they use for their Office 365 account. Aside from this, Moodle events will automatically be stored in the users’ personal Office 365 calendars to constantly update them about the latest events and due dates. Office 365 pushes additional integration by allowing instructors to include interactive online lessons executed through PowerPoint with Office Mix, which is another add-in that promotes engaging PowerPoint presentations with audio, video, links, recording, quizzes, and more. It also provides automatic links for updated documents to simplify integration of all kinds of content stored in the cloud.

Office 365 for Better Education for Students

Through Office 365’s OneNote plug-in, it gives easier transactions between students and educators, as it permits students to submit their assignments in Moodle, plus it allows instructors to give their feedback via OneNote, as well. The best thing about it is, they can do these online and offline, plus across various devices and platforms. Here’s an overview of the simplified integration between Moodle and OneNote:

Office 365: Plug and Play (Image)

Education at its Best with Office 365

“We are thrilled to be able to work with Microsoft to integrate Moodle with the Office 365 platform. With the Office 365 plugins for Moodle, Microsoft continues to demonstrate its commitment to open source software and education,” said Jason Cole, CEO, Remote-Learner. “Educators and trainers who have both Moodle and Office 365 create new learning experiences that leverage the power of both platforms. Moodle administrators can deploy these new features knowing they have the support of both Microsoft and the Moodle community,” he adds.

The best way to learn and to move forward is to constantly evolve and to keep up with the ever-changing digital advancements. Achieve this through Office 365 plug-ins that encourage users to focus on specific tasks, to engage with their audience, and to further improve their content. With Microsoft Office 365, get ready to transform educational experiences from better to best.

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