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Businesses in the Philippines are getting competitive, from the big players to the small to medium enterprises. What could make yours a cut above the rest? Simple – data.

Microsoft Office 365 understands that there is power in numbers and figures, and with that comes Delve Analytics and Power BI – your new partners in stepping up your data analytics.

With Delve Analytics and Power BI, Microsoft Office 365 lets you dig deep data of your enterprise. Internal operations are covered by Delve Analytics, as it displays rich dashboards that give insights about time and relations management and how members of your business can utilize. Power BI, on the other hand, focuses on the actual data output of your business. Analyze data easily with Power BI through its live data dashboards, interactive reports, and coercive visuals.

Delve into data with Delve Analytics

Good service comes from smooth internal operations, and Microsoft Office 365 knows this all too well. That is why Delve Analytics is readily at your disposal. Delve Analytics lets leaders discover how their organization functions, as it displays a rich and interactive dashboard which shows insights regarding reach, influence, and work-life balance. Interactions among team members can also be monitored so as to see if all communications are in line with the goals of the organization, and to avoid unnecessary interactions that are not beneficial to the enterprise’s growth.

Delve Analytics connects your organization through relationships to content, topics, and one another. There is an option to build personal profiles to highlight each employee’s strong points, as well as to monitor their workload. Along with utilizing manpower, Delve Analytics also helps time management in work as it lets you set goals and keep your daily tasks and schedule in line with them. Data in the personal dashboard may be used to determine how to make the most out of your workday.

Experience the Power of Data Anytime, Anywhere through Power BI

Data and insights are integral in measuring the overall performance of a business. With this, Microsoft Office 365 provides Power BI—a SaaS solution that creates rich visuals from your company’s data so you can focus on the most relevant information.

Power BI’s engineers had a simple mantra: “Five seconds to sign up, five minutes to wow.” The goal after signing up is to quickly connect members of the enterprise to their data, and since Power BI is cloud-based, it gives you access to your data virtually anywhere, at any given time.

Monitoring data can get tedious as an organization grows, which is why Power BI on the Web allows easy auditing across your enterprise from all apps you rely on. In addition, Power BI on the Web also lets you instantly share your reports with your organization. Meanwhile, Power BI Desktop provides the tools your business needs to transform, analyze, and visualize the data on hand.

Big Data, Big Responsibility

Having all the data needed is one thing, but making sense out of it is where it becomes tricky. Microsoft Office 365 ensures to give all the tools you need in moving your business to the right direction, whether it’s delving into internal operations with Delve Analytics or making sense of your businesses’ overall performance with Power BI. Microsoft Office 365 is the business partner you need to get your business in the right direction.

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