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This article aims to answer one of the most important questions of clients: Can we truly trust Microsoft Office 365 with confidential data? Office 365 understands this concern, as it prioritizes not only efficiency and excellence in data management, but also unparalleled security and privacy of data. Here are seven security and privacy features of Office 365 that prove that it’s not only a business manager, it’s also a data manager you can trust.


Another thing you should know about the system behind Microsoft Office 365 is that beyond security and privacy, it gives utmost importance to user empowerment. “We believe that the best way to secure your data is to empower any of your users to be able to comply with your business rules,” says Rajesh Jha, Microsoft Corporate Vice President of Operations and Services Engineering. The team behind this continuously creates ways to increase and innovate security programs to ensure the security of your data, and most importantly, to constantly earn your trust and to prove that it’s more than a data manager; it’s a business partner you can trust. Microsoft Office 365 is available at ICS, part of the country’s leading IT solutions provider with 35 years of experience in nationwide technological expertise.

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