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Small to medium enterprises (SME) have made a significant impact in boosting the Philippines’ GDP, along with providing employment for most Filipinos. They have seen its rise in the country in most recent years, with 2015 having about 96% of businesses in the SME category. With its vast rise comes the demand for a technology that can help business owners manage their enterprises more efficiently, which is why Microsoft Office 365 Portal in the Philippines offers various plans tailored to fit your type of business and budget.

Microsoft Office 365 Business Essentials
Going out and about for meetings are inevitable, especially when your business is in its starting phase. Have your Office available anytime and anywhere for just $5.00 user/month for an annual commitment or $6.00 user/month for a monthly commitment with the Microsoft Office 365 Business Essentials. Storing, syncing, and sharing your files and altering these files with others in real time have never been easier.

Microsoft Office 365 Business
The Microsoft Office 365 Business plan offers $8.25 user/month for an annual commitment and $10.00 user/month for a monthly commitment. Much like Microsoft Office 365 Business Essentials, having access to your different types of files—Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook—will be available virtually anywhere and anytime. Files can be stored online via OneDrive for Business so other members can easily access and edit files.

Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium
But if you’re looking for the best of both Microsoft Office 365 Business Essentials and Microsoft Office 365 Business, then Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium is the plan for you. For just $12.50 user/month for annual commitment or $15.00 user/month for a monthly commitment, you can maximize 1TB file storage and sharing along with a business class e-mail, calendar, and contacts with an inbox that has 50GB capacity per user.

Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus
Tools for productivity and collaboration are easily at your disposal for just $12.00 user/month for an annual commitment when you choose the Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus. Latest versions of familiar Office applications are available no matter what device you are on, be it PC/Mac, tablet, or phone.

Microsoft Office Enterprise E1
Experience convenience in collaboration like no other, as real-time file sharing, online meetings, and coauthoring are all made possible with Microsoft Office Enterprise E1. Imagine just for $8.00 user/month for an annual commitment, this plan offers controlled IT to reduce overhead and hassles, as you can move to the cloud on your own terms.

Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise E3
Get ahead in the game with your business through the latest Office and integrated collaboration services and advanced compliance features. With $20.00 user/month for an annual commitment for Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise E3, you can archive, use in-place legal hold, and find the documents you need in an instant. The Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise E3 also makes use of advanced data protection to ensure you that your files are in safe hands. Cutting IT costs are made possible by moving to cloud on your terms so you can easily manage and automate tasks.

Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise E5
Interactive reports, simpler dashboards, and compelling data visualizations. Get all these, along with the newly-released Office 2016 apps fully installed with the Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise E5, $33.00 user/month annual commitment.

Communicate with your team more conveniently and efficiently with this plan’s Skype for Business. Important discussions are now just a call or conference away. With great convenience also comes great security, which is why Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise E5 features people-centric security. This plan lets you have more control with increased privacy, transparency, and refined user controls.

Technology you can trust
All Microsoft Office 365 plans also include a guaranteed 99.9% uptime and financially backed service level agreement, along with an IT-level web support and 24/7 phone support should you have any critical issues you need assistance with and of course, world-class data security.

The call for an efficient cloud service in the Philippines has been stronger than ever, especially with the rise of the country’s SME scene. The Microsoft Office 365 Portal in the Philippines is undoubtedly the best business partner as it can provide you all the tools you need in boosting your enterprise.

Know more about how you can avail of these plans through Integrated Computer Systems, Inc. They are part of the country’s leading IT solutions providers and a certified Microsoft Office 365 Portal in the Philippines. With over 35 years of experience under their belt in the technological expertise nationwide, SMEs with this have nowhere to go but up in the clouds.


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