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As we thoroughly discuss the importance of Microsoft Office 365 for your business growth, maybe you’re thinking, “The business trend in the previous years was all about the use of cloud and now there’s Microsoft Office 365. What do I need to know about these two? How are the two related? What’s the difference?” We understand the confusion between the cloud and Office 365, so allow us to simplify everything for you to see things clearer in bigger and smaller pictures.

The cloud pertains to the applications and services available on the internet. This is different from the basic internet services such as search engines, online stores, blogs, and video streaming, because the cloud is a more technical type of computer network. It carries public computer traffic, which means that different files from your computer are transferred to the cloud and these are made accessible online for different kinds of devices. Translation: The cloud allows you to access word files, photos, presentations, videos and any kind of data wherever you are. Basically, the cloud is your hard drive on the internet. The result: You may access any file online through any kind of device—laptop, PC, tablet, and mobile phone—as long as you’re online. Plus, you don’t need an IT person beside you to do all these.

There are various free cloud services online that deliver required services (data access, e-mail, file management, etc.) for small and medium enterprises. Unfortunately, these free cloud services come short in the long run. This is where Microsoft Office 365 plays a significant role in your business growth. Here’s a need-to-know list about the Office 365:

• Microsoft Office 365 lives in the cloud.

• The most beneficial thing about this is that it works in the world of Microsoft—the tool you use every day to get your daily tasks done.

Translation: With this cloud service, you can automatically save your MS word files, MS excel sheets, or MS powerpoint presentations in the Office 365, so you can easily access everything through other devices.

• What’s more, anyone in the office who needs access to these files need not run in the office and save data on the USB flash drive to get the files, because Office 365 allows data access to anyone who has permission to do so. As long as the organization is using Microsoft Office, data collaboration will be a breeze. Anyone can revise or include revisions in just one file to avoid confusion and most importantly, to avoid exhausting, long email threads.

• Don’t think this software gets lazy on the security department. It promises high-security from outsiders, but provides wide accessibility for employees with the right to use this software.

• Office 365 takes charge of Microsoft software updates and upgrades without bothering you. Free cloud services will ask you for additional charges and will borrow precious time from you for maintenance and upgrades. But with Office 365 subscription, dirty jobs (server crashes, hard drive replacement, etc) will be taken care of by Microsoft.

The demand for an efficient and effective cloud service to help small to medium enterprises (small restaurants, start-up businesses, and project-based services, etc.) in the Philippines is growing rapidly year after year. Check out PH’s rank in Cloud Readiness Index 2014 according to Asia Cloud Computing Association.

Cloud Readiness Index 2014

With the continuous demand for an efficient cloud service and the great desire for work-life balance here in the country, Office 365 is your next best bet to achieve your business and personal goals. Get the quickest access to Office 365 via Integrated Computer Systems, Inc.—one of the country’s leading IT solutions providers and a certified Microsoft Office 365 Portal in the Philippines. With over 35 years of experience in technological expertise nationwide, your business and personal goals are in good hands up in the cloud.


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