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Forward-looking businesses endeavor to adapt with the evolving developments in Information and Communications Technology (ICT). Start-up businesses as well as established corporations are capitalizing on consolidating and automating business processes. The ability to connect into the cloud is no longer considered as an advantage, but rather mainstream.

In order for businesses to efficiently and effectively adapt to the new cloud era, Information Technology (IT) Management should require highly interoperable systems and be able to maintain and maximize existing investments. IT can transform into a service provider by leveraging the power of virtualization and cloud – providing access to anyone with the proper credentials anywhere they can connect to the Internet. But a profound IT infrastructure is fundamental to this transformation.

Software-defined data center, or SDDC, is considered as the revolution of IT Infrastructure. SDDC is basically an enterprise class data center with the application of cloud computing and virtualization management. It generally has server virtualization, storage virtualization and network virtualization. All of which will be managed by a software program that will facilitate a centralized and integrated management for all virtualized resources.

“SDDC includes the ability to abstract compute, storage, networking and security resources so that virtualized resources can be deployed and managed in a highly automated fashion.”

[Source: VMware White Paper | Delivering IT as a Service (With a Software-Defined Data Center)]

“The SDDC architecture allows most of an enterprise IT’s compute, storage, networking, security, and availability infrastructure and resources to be:

▪ abstracted and defined in software

▪ pooled together as an enterprise-wide resource

▪ delivered as a service that is managed by automated, intelligent, policy-driven software”

[Source: Stratecast | Frost & Sullivan, “Journey to IT as a Service Powered by Software-Defined Data Centers.”]

IT evolution cannot happen overnight, it is a process. Partner with Integrated Computer Systems, Inc. (ICS) wherever your company is at in the process towards cloud maturity. Engage ICS in understanding where you are, determining your goal, and identifying the steps to get there. We have comprehensive solutions and subject matter experts to help you transform your business and adapt to the new cloud era.

As one of the country’s pioneers in the IT industry, ICS offers IT solutions and services ranging from the latest innovations such as Mobility, Cloud and Virtualization to solutions including Business Applications, IT Infrastructure, Hardware and Peripherals. Through continuous advancement and innovation, ICS acquired an extensive roster of agile and cost-effective cloud and virtualization solutions, which intend to optimize and revolutionize business systems and processes.

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