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DreamWorks – Shrek
The Academy Award-winning DreamWorks Animation has been responsible for some of the most highly regarded animated films of the last 20 years. In 2010, the extraordinarily successful Shrek franchise logged its fourth film, Shrek Forever After, in 3-D, and it was the brainchild of remarkably talented artists working on HP Z Workstations and HP DreamColor Displays.

Working together
Ed Leonard, CTO of DreamWorks, says the Shrek films have evolved from a ten-year strategic partnership with HP. “[HP] has touched every aspect [of the films] from tablets to the data centre,” he says. “HP is an essential and integral part of everything we do.” He adds that the movies have been enabled through the use of great technology in the hands of great filmmakers.

According to Ken Bielenberg, Visual Effects Supervisor, the Shrek producers had long pushed for the use of global illumination, a technique that adds more realistic lighting to 3D, but the computers weren’t fast enough, and the software wasn’t there yet. HP Z Workstations changed all of that, allowing the technique to be used extensively on Shrek Forever After to add a lot of depth to the film. “HP Z Workstations help [our] artists stay up with their imagination. They’re able to feel the machine respond to their commands,” says Derek Chan, Head of Digital Operations. “They can stay in that creative flow and don’t [have to] wait for the computer to catch up.”

Power your imagination with HP Z Workstations
Creation is part imagination and part execution. And whether you’re building 3D models, creating complex animations or designing the world’s next architectural wonder, you need a powerful computer to turn your imagination into reality. For users like you the HP Z820 and HP Z620 are ideal systems for this segment.

Source: HP Business Now

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