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Enterprise Security
Enterprise security software and solutions that protect what
matters most – your users, applications, data and the
interactions between them, regardless of location or device.

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Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
HPE Security ArcSight is a SIEM and advanced analytics
platform that dramatically cuts down the time to
detect and respond to threats.

ArcSight Data

Unify data collection, storage
and analysis of machine
data for security intelligence.
HPE Security ArcSight Data
Platform provides a
management console, data
connectors, and log
management capabilities.

Enterprise Security
Management (ESM)

HPE Security ArcSight
ESM is a comprehensive
security management
application that combines
event correlation and
security analytics to
identify and prioritize
threats in real time so
you can respond and
remediate quickly.


This SIEM appliance
gives you the insight
and tools to identify
and prioritize current
and potential threats
so you can optimize
your response and
improve the security
of your systems.


Explore ArcSight apps,
community sharing for
ArcSight security
content and SIEM best

Transforming Big Data into actionable intelligence
ArcSight SIEM solution is a comprehensive threat detection and compliance management
platform with a flexible architecture allowing organizations to easily scale out their existing deployments.

Key benefits and features

Flexible Architecture. Easily expand the size and breadth of a deployment. Security teams can begin with a small, midsized or large deployment and add new processing or functional capabilities on the fly.

Speed to value and simplified SIEM. Easily setup and maintain your SIEM solution with predefined and out of the box correlation rules, use cases and reports.

Real-time correlation. Automate threat prioritization and identify and respond to true threats.
Non-stop compliance. Automate complex compliance tasks, meet regulatory requirements and make compliance programs more efficient, effective, and auditable.

Security information ecosphere. Access to cutting-edge security information whether you are a small or large SOC.

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Application Security
Software security solutions from HPE Security Fortify cover
your entire software development lifecycle (SDLC) for mobile,
third party and website security.


An automated dynamic
application security testing
(DAST) tool that mimics
real-world hacking
techniques and attacks,
and provides comprehensive
dynamic analysis of complex
web applications and services.

Fortify Static
Code Analyzer

Automated static code
analysis to help
developers eliminate
vulnerabilities and
build secure

Security Center

HPE Fortify Software
Security Center is a
centralized management
repository providing
visibility to an
organizations entire
application security
program, helping to resolve
security vulnerabilities
across your software

Security Testing

HPE Security Fortify on
Demand is a software
security testing tool and
management platform
that enables organizations
to easily create,
supplement and expand
their Software Security
Assurance program.

     Application Defender

HPE’s runtime application
self-protection can help you
stop security threats that no
one else can even see by
protecting production
applications from the inside.
It’s application security simplified.

Mobile Security

Comprehensive end-to-end
mobile security with real-world
mobile app testing across
device, network, and server.


Provides immediate feedback
to the developer to eliminate
security vulnerabilities as the
application is written – for
secure code development.

Fortify offers application security solutions that span the software development lifecycle, with the flexibility of testing on-premise and on-demand to cover all of your software security needs including mobile app security and web security.

Static application security testing. Automated static code analyzer that identifies and pinpoints security vulnerabilities in source code early in the SDLC. Prioritizes the results and provides best practices so developers can code more securely. Available on-premise and on-demand.

Dynamic application security testing. Simulate real-world attacks to identify and prioritize vulnerabilities at enterprise scale. Fortify WebInspect is our DAST offering with IAST capabilities that expand the coverage of the attack surface to include hidden directories and pages for better results.

Application self-protection. Sometimes vulnerabilities cannot be remediated. When vulnerabilities exist in your Java and .NET applications in production, block threats in real-time with Fortify Application Defender.

Software security program. Ensure applications that run your business are protected and secure. Visibility into your application security testing program where you can manage and track security testing activities, prioritize remediation efforts, and measure improvements using Fortify Software Security Center.

Managed security testing. Instill confidence by leveraging HPE’s experienced testers to augment your testing team or manage a complete software security assurance program. Give it a try as-a-service with HPE Security Fortify on Demand.

Software security consulting. Get max value from AppSec through hands-on training, personalized consulting, and customized implementation using best practices derived from HPE’s Security Consulting Services global deployments.

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