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Business Wireless
A Connected Workforce Is A More Productive Workforce

D-Link wireless networking solutions enable business networks of all sizes to create highly mobile, highly productive work environments at a low total cost of ownership. With products that provide excellent value across a wide range of scenarios, D-Link wireless networks are scalable, easy to deploy and manage – delivering reliable, secure connectivity, in a self-healing solution.

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Mobility Matters

 Scalable, Easy to Deploy and Manage

 802.11ac Technology

Software Managed Wireless Access Point

Managed Independently or with Free Controller Software

Central Wi-FiManager software controller helps network administrators streamline their wireless AP management workflow. It uses a centralized server to both remotely manage and monitor wireless APs on a network. Whether deployed on a local computer or hosted on a public cloud service, Central Wi-FiManager can be easily integrated into existing networks in conjunction with supporting D-Link wireless APs.

Controlled Managed Wireless Access Points

Managed Independently or with A Unified Wireless Switch or Controller

D-Link Unified Wireless APs are highly manageable and scalable with high data transmission speeds, optional support for PoE, and advanced security features. Up to 256 D-Link Unified Access Points can be deployed and managed easily and efficiently. Once the APs are discovered by the switch/controller, the administrator can push a specific set of configurations onto them, rather than having to do so one by one. In addition, RF resource management and security are also managed centrally, thus allowing the administrator to preemptively identify potential deficiencies and weaknesses in the network.

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