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KNOX Premium
Your complete mobility management solution

KNOX Premium is an end-to-end solution that provides IT Admins with the ability to manage Android and iOS devices using a cloud-based console and on-device secure workspace. IT Admins can satisfy enterprise security requirements without compromising employee privacy for BYOD and corporately owned and personally enabled (COPE) devices.


Samsung KNOX Premium is designed for individuals responsible for mobile security within small and
medium business (SMBs), enterprise, or government that:


Manage Android and iOS devices


Require device management


Require access to 24/7 technical support

Key features


Separation of corporate and personal data

Create a secure environment on your enterprise devices where employees can confidently use enterprise apps, securely store data, and safely send emails, all while keeping their personal data separate. Employees can use a variety of IT-approved apps inside the container to increase mobility and productivity across the organization.


Cloud-based Mobile Device and Application Management

The console complements and improves your existing infrastructure without adding complexity and burden of cost. IT Admins can effectively implement company guidelines by taking advantage of a rich set of IT policies. Deploy, manage and control access to apps via whitelist and blacklist capabilities.


Support for flexible add-ons

Take advantage of a richer set of cross-platform IT policies, and access to a set of additional management capability such as unlimited Single Sign-On implementation with KNOX IAM. KNOX Premium comes fully equipped with on-device core platform security and app containment.


Multi-layered device protection

KNOX Premium device features keep your business intelligence and network safe from hacking, viruses and unauthorized access. KNOX puts a protective layer over the Android platform with real-time kernel protection, on-device encryption, SE for Android, and two-factor biometric authentication, including fingerprint scanners.

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