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Portable External Hard Drives
Seagate® portable external hard drives
deliver sleek and reliable storage you
can easily take on the go – from basic
add-on storage to high performance
drives for your PC or your Mac.

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Backup Plus Family

You’ve never had so many options, and it’s never been so easy to choose. From the latest Ultra Slim and popular Slim drives, to the ridiculous capacity and performance of the Portable and Fast drives, you can always rely on the Backup Plus family. And all Backup Plus drives come with cool features, including OneDrive®, Seagate Dashboard and Lyve. So stay on the move and safely take along your documents, photos and videos.


500 GB – 2 TB
Thin, light, and easy backup that is good to go

Ultra Slim

1 TB – 2 TB
Storage for your brilliant side


4 TB
High capacity, up to 2X performance – zero compromise


4 TB
Anywhere backup for your digital library

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Maximum Storage Appeal

This is what portable storage looks like – 7 millimeters slim and charismatic. Precision-crafted with premium materials, the Seagate Sevenᵐᵐ Portable Drive clearly looks to the future, but also gives a hat tip to the distinctive industrial designs from Seagate’s rich and storied 35-year legacy.

The Cutting Edge is 7mm

A state-of-the-art deep draw manufacturing process guarantees a super thin steel enclosure, protecting one of our latest and most advanced 5mm hard drives. Seagate offers you innovation, another bold R&D milestone, in the form of Sevenᵐᵐ.

Premium and Innovative Materials

This perfect, portable 500GB of capacity is sourced with innovative materials along with significant advancements in mechanical design technology – the 100% stainless steel enclosure makes it elegant yet rugged.

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A True Mobile Companion

With the 500GB Seagate® Wireless Mobile Storage you can bring along hundreds of movies and thousands of songs, photos and files. Wirelessly stream them to your tablet or smartphone without wires or web.

Load All Your Favourites. . .

and head out! No special software. No cords or wires.

Wirelessly Stream Everything

Anywhere you go, anytime you want. Find convenience in having your favorites right there on your mobile devices.

Give Your Devices

Some Room To Breathe With 500GB of capacity and a battery that lasts up to 6 hours, the Wireless is as mobile as you are. Don’t worry about maxing out device capacity or your data usage plan.


Have fun streaming the experience to those around you–up to 3 mobile devices–at once.

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