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Modern Storage Architechture

Designed from the ground up,
Dell’s modern storage architectures
are scalable and uncoupled from
the limitations of any legacy architecture.

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Dell Storage SC, PS and MD Series storage platforms
support FC and iSCSI networking with a variety of performance
and capacity options

Dell Compellent SC Series

Dell Storage SCv2000, SCv2020

The perfect blend of high
performance and affordability

Dell Storage SCv2080

Highly capable, enterprise
class, entry-level storage solution

Dell Storage SC4000

Auto-tuned for performance
and cost savings

Dell Storage SC8000

Self-optimized, intelligent
enterprise storage

Dell Storage SC9000

Flash and hybrid performance

Dell EqualLogic PS Series

Dell Storage PS4210, PS4100, FS7610

Cost-efficient, unified storage

Dell Storage PS6100, PS6210

Performance and efficiency simplified for the real world

Dell Storage PS6610

Increased performance and capacity in less space

Dell Storage PS-M4110

Converge storage without compromise

Dell PowerVault MD Series

Dell Storage MD3 SAS

Exceptional flexibility and scalability

Dell Storage MD# Fibre Channel

Consolidate your Fibre Channel storage

Dell Storage MD3 10Gb iSCSI

Simplify the challenges of large-data storage

Dell Storage MD3 1Gb iSCSI

Consolidate with flexible, high-capacity storage

Dell Storage MD14x0 Expansions

Low-cost storage expansion for 13th generation Dell PowerEdge servers

Dell Storage MD12x0, MD3060e Expansions

High-performance, energy-efficient direct-attached storage

Dell’s flexible software-defined solutions products help

you quickly and cost-effectively add storage

Dell Software-Defined Storage

Dell XC Series for VDI, Private Cloud, Database
and Collaboration, and Expansion

Web-scale hyperconverged appliances built on Dell PowerEdge
servers, powered by Nutanix software

Dell and Nexenta Software-Defined Storage Solutions

Manage data efficiently and cost-effectively

Dell Storage with Microsoft Storage Spaces (DSMS)

A new way to deploy validated Microsoft software-defined
storage with standard server, storage
and networking components

Dell and VMware Virtual SAN (VSAN)

Hypervisor-converged storage technology

Dell and Scality Object Storage Solutions

Scale-out object storage for big data

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Bring agility, efficiency and reliability to your data

center through a proven converged storage and compute solution

Dell XC Web-Scale Converged Appliance

Easy to deploy, support and expand

Consolidate compute and storage into a single chassis with Dell XC Series web-scale converged
appliances, powered by
Nutanix software. XC Series appliances install quickly, integrate easily into any data center, and
can be deployed for
multiple virtualized workloads including desktop virtualization, database and private cloud
projects. With Dell XC Series
appliances, your enterprise can:

  • Grow incrementally with pay as you grow, scale-out expansion
  • Increase capacity and performance one node at a time
  • Meet future needs without over-provisioning
  • Deploy desktop virtualization infrastructure up to 6 times faster-and at up to 27% lower cost
    over a three-year duty cycle-than traditional white box solutions

Simplifies and streamlines IT

With XC web-scale appliance in place, IT administrators can manage virtual environments at a VM
level using policies based
on the needs of each workload instead of managing individual LUN’s, volumes or RAID groups. And,
with the Nutanix
Distributed File System (NDFS) running on each appliance, HDDs and SSDs can be aggregated across all
nodes, with thin
provisioning, automatic compression and deduplication to increase effective storage capacity. This
modular and balanced
architecture enables non-disruptive increases in performance and capacity, allowing environments to
adapt quickly and
easily to dynamic, ever-changing demands.

Based on proven technology

Dell XC converged appliances start with the proven PowerEdge 13th generation server platform and
incorporates many of the advanced software technologies that power leading web-scale and cloud
infrastructures. Backed by Dell global service and support, these 1- and 2U appliances are
preconfigured for specific virtualized workloads, and are designed to maintain data availability in
case of node and disk failure.

Reduce IT risk, improve business agility

Bring game-changing technology to your enterprise with the XC web-scale appliance, and allow new
applications to be deployed with minimal upfront investment and the peace-of-mind knowing that you
can eliminate IT complexity while seamlessly handling inevitable growth.

  • Meet capacity and performance requirements one node at a time to eliminate overprovisioning.
  • Provide enterprise-class storage with software-delivered storage services such as snapshots,
    replication, clones, compression, deduplication, thin provisioning and more.
  • Drive maximum performance with advanced data tiering and local flash memory.
  • Maximize agility with flexible configurations, including GPU and reduced depth platforms, and
    support for ESXi, Hyper-V and KVM hypervisors.

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