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Dell PowerEdge Servers

Dell’s powerful, affordable network engines emphasize scalability and reliability.

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Simplify your data center architecture with Dell Servers

Dell PowerEdge Rack Servers

Maximize productivity while offering industry leading performance and efficiency in a rack form factor.

Dell PowerEdge R930

Dell’s fastest 4-socket 4U server, specifically designed for enterprise applications

Empower your business to quickly make the best decisions, even using real-time data, with Dell’s highest-performance server. Designed to handle extremely demanding, mission-critical workloads like enterprise resource planning (ERP), e-commerce and very large databases – including in-memory databases – the R930 can also run large virtualized corporate applications or be the foundation supporting a multi-tiered infrastructure.

Dell PowerEdge820

Concentrated power and capacity

Compute-intensive performance rack server with highly scalable memory (up to 3TB) and impressive I/O capabilities. Excels at running a wide range of applications and virtualization environments for both midsized and large enterprises. With Intel® Xeon® processor E5-4600 v2 product family, and the ability to support dual RAID controllers, the PowerEdge R820 readily handles mission-critical workloads, like ERP, data warehousing, e-commerce, VDI, databases and data node high-performance computing (HPC).

Dell PowerEdge R730/R730xd servers

Performance. Availability. Expandability.
PowerEdge R730

Extremely versatile with outstanding functionality in just 2U of rack space. Powerful processors, large memory, fast storage options and GPU accelerator support, ensure the R730 performs exceptionally well in a number of demanding environments.

Dell PowerEdge R730xd

Delivers an optimal balance of storage utilization, performance and cost with an optional in-server hybrid storage configuration that can support tiering and capacity for up to 28 drives in a 2S/2U system, including up to 18 x 1.8″ SATA SSDs

Dell PowerEdge R630 server

2-socket, 1U rack server with breakthrough compute, memory and storage density

Mainstream 2-socket, 1U rack server that delivers incredible density across a range of resources enabling highly flexible data center scaling.

Dell PowerEdge R530 server

2-socket 2U rack server for a wide range of business workloads

Designed for data centers needing an affordable, virtualization-ready, 2-socket rack server, the PowerEdge R530 is an excellent platform for a wide range of common business applications and for small-scale virtualization. Also highly attractive as a dedicated development or backup server.

Dell PowerEdge R430 server

2-socket 1U rack server for HPC, web-tech and infrastructure scale-out

The powerful, 2-socket PowerEdge R430 rack server is designed for rack environments requiring peak 2-socket performance, sizeable internal storage capacity and short chassis depth to overcome space constraints in rack environments. It is an excellent fit for HPC, web tech, and infrastructure scale-out.

It is also well-suited for collaboration and productivity applications, surveillance and site security, and infrastructure scale-out, and is attractive as a dedicated backup or development server.

Dell PowerEdge R330 server

PowerEdge R330 1-socket rack server

Entry 1-socket 1U rack server with enhanced high availability and serviceability for small and medium business (SMB) and remote office/home office (ROBO).

Dell PowerEdge R230 server

PowerEdge R230 1-socket rack server

Entry 1-socket 1U rack server for general-purpose business applications in small and medium businesses.

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Dell PowerEdge Tower Servers

Designed for flexibility and high availability.
Dell tower servers deliver outstanding price performance.

Dell PowerEdge T630 server

Workhorse 2-socket server for demanding workloads

2-socket rackable tower server delivers ultimate performance, versatility and availability for a wide range of workloads in SMB, ROBO of large enterprise and organizations, and data centers.

Dell PowerEdge T430 server

Powerful, expandable and quiet 2-socket rackable tower server.

The powerful and reliable PowerEdge T430 2-socket rackable tower server delivers performance, expandability, and quiet operation to office environments. The T430 is an excellent fit for a wide range of office workloads, including workgroup collaboration and productivity applications, mail and messaging, file and print serving, and web hosting.

Dell PowerEdge T330 rackable tower server

PowerEdge T330 1-socket rackable tower server

Entry 1-socket rackable tower server for SMB and departments of large institutions.

Dell PowerEdge T130 server

PowerEdge T130 1-socket tower server

Entry 1-socket tower server for general-purpose business applications in small office/home office (SOHO) and small business.

Dell PowerEdge T20 server

Excellent first server for Small Office/Home Office (SOHO)

The ideal first server for small offices and home offices (SOHO), the PowerEdge T20 excels at file storing and sharing, collaboration and productivity applications, and data protection.

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Dell Poweredge Blade Servers
Meet the demands of high-paced business with efficient and versatile data-center blades.

Dell PowerEdge M830

Enhance performance, boost convergence

The PowerEdge M830 is a 4-socket converged platform designed to boost application performance, consolidation, and time-to-value in data center or remote office applications by delivering vast amounts of compute, memory and storage resources that are easy to deploy and manage.

Dell PowerEdge M630

Scalable, manageable, flexible

Deliver the compute power your demanding applications require with the scalable 2-socket M630 blade server. Designed for use with the PowerEdge M1000e blade enclosure and PowerEdge VRTX converged infrastructure, the M630 offers exceptional scalability in environments ranging from IT as a service (XaaS) providers and private clouds to remote and branch offices.

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