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Wyse Thin Clients
Security and manageability on your physical
desktop, virtual desktop, or the cloud

Dell offers a wide selection of secure, reliable, cost-effective Wyse thin and zero clients designed to integrate into any virtualized or web-based infrastructure.

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Wyse Thin Clients
Dell’s thin and zero clients offer an array of high-performance features designed to be flexible, scalable and safe, all while integrating seamlessly with your work environment, whether you’re in the office or in the cloud.

Thin and Zero Clients
Wyse thin and zero clients are built for easy integration into your VDI or web-based environment with instant, hands free operation and performance that meets your demands.

1000 Series
Entry-level zero clients for Microsoft® Windows MultiPoint® Server

3000 Series
Efficient, easy-to-use thin clients for cost-effective virtual desktop access.

New Wyse 3000 (3030)
We’ve raised the bar with a dual-core x86-embedded thin client that offers excellent multimedia performance and broad connectivity

5000 Series
Thin clients for virtual desktop environments also serves as a powerful yet compact cloud desktop

7000 Series
High-performance thin client equipped with accelerated graphics and multimedia.

PCoIP Zero clients for VMware® built for CAD, 3D solids modeling, video editing and more.

All-in-One Thin Clients
Simplify security and scalability with simple deployment and remote management in an elegant, space-saving design. Malware-resistant and tailored for Citrix, Microsoft or VMware.

7000 Series
Increase security and make desktop management easy with a virus- and malware-resistant all-in-one thin client featuring Wyse ThinOS and a 21.5” display.

5000 Series PCoIP Zero Client (5050)
The Wyse 5050 All-in-One is an elegant, secure and powerful zero client for VMware, featuring the highest resolution 23.6” monitor in its class.

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