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iVend Retail

An Integrated
Omnichannel RetailSolution


iVend Terminal POS
Most Efficient & Profitable Solution

iVend POS enhances the in-store shopping experience with a powerful & fully-integrated retail management system. Available on terminal / mobile devices, its multi-store, multi-user, e-commerce, loyalty-ready abilities makes retailers engage with shoppers to a new level.

Terminal POS is the traditional POS application packed with multitude of features and is the execution point for configurations done at the HeadOffice which include pricing, discounts, promotions, tender types, layaways, and returns. It’s easy to use intuitive user interface and can be operated using a touch screen or keyboard.


iVend Mobile POS
Mobilize the store with Mobile POS

iVend Mobile POS brings the experience of iVend Retail terminal point of sale experience to Mobile Devices. Retailers can now interact and transact with shoppers on the floor and process sales anywhere. iVend Mobile POS is the next generation retail offering by CitiXsys with an interactive point of sale system, combining personalized selling with instantaneous inventory look-ups, wireless payments and the powerful retail workflows.

Retail workforce could now be more productive as they can immediately create new invoices, look for customer information, key in new customer data, process gift cards, and perform inventory lookups on the shop-floor while interacting with the customer.


iVend eCommerce
Anywhere. Anytime.

Adopt multi-channel and eCommerce capabilities with iVend eCommerce. iVend eCommerce launches your retail store into the world of online shopping, helping you sell more while seamlessly integrating your back office into a single unified system. Improve your bottom line by accelerating sales growth by reaching a whole new audience.

iVend eCommerce is an eCommerce, mCommerce platform allowing retailers to offer their products on the web. With its seamless integration with iVend Retail, shoppers can conduct their business on the web in the same way as is done at the physical store – imparting customers a unified experience – where they have access to all products, images, promotions, & schemes.


iVend Loyalty
Loyalty programs to Engage & Retain customers

Getting customers to come to your stores and shop is one thing, ensuring they come back again for repeat business is a different challenge. Customers are spoilt for choice of moving to other retailers and it is becoming more important to acknowledge the customer for the business he does with the retailer. Equally important is to monetize the gratitude and Reward him for the business he does.

iVend Loyalty is a points & rewards management application, designed to significantly improve customer retention by bringing them continuously back and improving customer satisfaction levels. iVend Loyalty is seamlessly integrated with iVend Retail and can integrate with any Business Management or Retail application using its APIs.


iVend Passes
Digital Passes for iOS & Android devices

iVend Passes is a platform for retailers to deploy Digital Passes on Apple Passbook and Android devices helping to engage customers with a digital Loyalty Card, digital Coupon or digital Gift Cards

iVend Passes is the only web application that combines pass management and push notifications in one unified cross-platform association. iVend Passes is a cloud based application that enables retailers to use the service seamlessly at their point of sale and stay connected with their customers. Build pass template for targeted customer base and send Passes to all customers without the hassle of a custom mobile application


iVend Reporting & Analytics
Actionable data for Proactive Decision Making

iVend Reporting and Analytics comes as an, integrated part of iVend Enterprise Retail Management Suite. It is a set of pre-packaged Business Intelligence tools for the management of the Retail Enterprise. Seamlessly integrated into iVend Enterprise, iVend Reporting and Analytics leverages transactional data of the overall retail environment to generate context-specific detailed insight, which is functional and actionable.

Retail-specific, intuitive Dashboards provide strategic and tactical insights for faster and effective decision-making. For insight on the move, iVend Reporting tool can be opened on compatible iOS and select models of Android devices, as they make use of proprietary iVend APIs.

Succinctly put, deriving meaningful and actionable information from accrued retail data was never easier.


iVend Integrations

Faced with mounting global competition, companies are having to improve how they coordinate activity across
the company in order to maximize the value they deliver and minimize costs. In turn, this requires them to integrate
previously discrete departmental information systems in order to enable such collaborative working.

Just as we always let a specialist execute a specialized job, quite in the same manner specific business processes
are best handled by applications specifically designed to carry out those functions. But there is always a need to get
all these specialized applications to work together as an integrated unit.

This is the genesis of application integrations.

There is always a dichotomy of one single application v/s different applications integrated together.
However in the case of Retail Industry the argument shifts in favor of specialized applications integrating
together to operate as a single homogenous unit. And it is the sophistication of the integration which
determines the seamless operation of the applications.

In a Retail environment, the range of the business processes and the people who execute them are
significantly disparate. The level of sophistication between the 2 types – be it processes or the people
executing them is also very different.

It is due to this reason one always finds a Retail POS system INTEGRATED
into the core accounting / ERP application.
The POS component of a Retail System is configured at the Retail Store while
the ERP is configured at a central location.


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