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HPE Pointnext

Services to Accelerate your Digital Transformation

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New Thinking Reveals New Possibilities

Business used to rely on technology, now technology is business, and IT experience is the customer experience. Navigating and harnessing digital transformation is how to get ahead—creating new customer experiences, optimizing core business operations, accelerating new products and services, or finding new markets.

Introducing HPE Pointnext

HPE Pointnext is an innovative IT services organization built to make Hybrid IT simple and power the Intelligent Edge. As an agile technology partner, we help you to modernize your legacy infrastructure with the flexibility of the cloud, and maximize the value of your connected devices. And your mission is our mission: we help you to drive rapid transformation across your enterprise all on your own terms.



Design the transformation and help build a roadmap
tuned to your unique challenges with practices specifically
focused on: Hybrid IT, Big Data and Intelligent Edge.

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Flawless and on-time implementation, on-budget
execution, and creative configurations that get the most
out of your software and hardware investment.

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Redefining the concept of “operational efficiency.” With innovative
new products and services like Flexible Capacity and Datacenter Care,
we offer new ways of delivering IT by managing and optimizing
workloads, resources, and capacity, on-premise and in the cloud.

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HPE Flexible Capacity

Benefits of Cloud for Your On-Premises IT Infrastructure

Why choose between the economics of public cloud and reassurance and control of on-premise IT? With HPE Flex Capacity, you can have the best of both worlds. HPE Flex Capacity brings pay-as-you-go economics and flexibility to on-premise IT so you can scale up and be ready to rapidly support changing business needs.

Pay only for the IT Capacity you use

HPE owns and
supports your choice
of on-premise

Pay for what you use
based on metered usage
and access self-service
reporting to forecast
future demand

An on-site buffer allows
you to quickly scale up
capacity when needed,
and avoid spending
on unused capacity

Bring Together
All the Pieces
of the Puzzle

You need a partner who understands
technology and where it’s going.
You need a partner who has done it before,
who can pull together the best of the industry
to work for you, and who can help you shape a
point of view on what’s possible for your business.

Now is the Time for the Next

In a world where everything computes, HPE Pointnext together
with ICS – your trusted partner that can guide you on your digital
transformation journey, and help point you towards what’s next.

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